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...a kind of funky rock band...

Ray has been playing guitar for 97 years. Having learnt to play on a piece of splintered wood with barbed wire for strings he graduated on to a Woolworths own brand beauty. Ray is self taught and plays by ear which makes his ear very sore at times. After a baptism of fire playing the pubs of the East End Ray got his first break in show business when Russian entrepreneur Yaputcha Leflegin booked him to record the legendary hit single ‘Peeping Through the Knothole in Your Grannies Wooden Leg’. Ray has worked his way through various musical train wrecks over the years culminating in his involvement with the masters of fine eclectic sonic-ness ‘Illegal Tender’. Ray shares twangling duties with Paul (the other one) . In his spare time Ray likes to pop bubble wrap and moan about the adverts on TV



Ray uses Gibson and Fender guitars, Fender amps and a tea tray full of effects.

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